WDL – Cashmere


‘Cashmere’ is out!
WDL’s single is now out via
Record Company TEN!

Heidi Musum – Do You See


‘Do You See’ is out!
Heidi Musums’s debut single is now out via
Record Company TEN!

WDL – ‘Tin Can Motorbike’

WDL has released his fourth single ‘Tin Can Motorbike’ from his upcoming album ‘No Wings Airline’ that will be released on the 27th of May.

The song was premiered on Hilly Dilly, that said:

“Regardless of its unusualness, the song possesses some impressive qualities well worth sharing. The brand-new track has a lot going on, but everything works in surprising harmony. Heavy, bass-filled production is joined by Mouthe’s modulated vocal counterparts, and Amparo’s auto-tuned vocals ultimately top the effort off. Although the release here doesn’t exactly hold a radio-friendly sound, we appreciate the insane artistic effort put into it, and, as this is their first time collaborating on a track, we think we’d care to see them all link up again.”

Listen to the singel here: