The hip-hop group HUSET, hailing from Gothenburg, is an odd bird on the Swedish scene with its playful sound and its extensive live band.

Fronted by the charismatic Johan Hammerlid, HUSET has triumphantly taken over the Pustervik home stage, selling out eight times. Despite performing in Swedish, their international performances have garnered praise for the infectious energy and sheer joy the band brings to the stage.

Having released five EPs, wowed audiences with acclaimed live shows, and amassed over 3.6 million streams, HUSET has indisputably carved out a unique space in the Swedish hip-hop scene.

In 2023, HUSET marked their 10-year journey with the release of the singles "För er" and "Sometimes" and with a sold-out Södra Teatern in Gothenburg. The singles will be a part of their highly anticipated album set to released in 2024.

Get ready for a musical adventure that transcends borders and brings a fusion of Swedish flavor to the global hip-hop scene!



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