Felix Sandman


Felix Sandman, born in 1998, is a Swedish multi-talented artist and actor who has captured the hearts of audiences since a young age – beginning his career as a member of the Swedish boy band FO&O.

He solo debuted in 2017 with the hit single “Every Single Day” and has, since then, built himself a catalog with over 200 million streams, 4x gold, and 6x platinum certifications. In 2018, he won a Rockbjörnen for “Breakthrough of the Year”, and the following year, he was nominated for “Pop of the Year” at P3 Guld. Felix has also been nominated for several other awards, such as the MTV European Music Award for “Best Swedish Artist” 2018.

In 2020, Felix decided to step away from the music scene, allowing him to delve into the depths of his identity and pave the way for a musical transformation that has been years in the making. With a matured sound, brimming with authenticity and vulnerability, this new musical direction is expected to break away from the pop conventions that defined his earlier career.


Felix Sandman

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