The two-time Grammy-nominated artist and producer Augustine debuted in 2019 with the song “Luzon”. Since then, the accolades have poured in. His music can be described as bedroom pop molded into a retro-tinged soundscape, where playful melodies dance over sweet harmonies gracefully. Augustine’s catalog has been streamed over 50 million times. Thanks to talent, diligence, and a DIY spirit, he has taken his music from the small town of Jörlanda in Sweden to significant international stages and listeners worldwide.

In addition to Grammy nominations in 2022 in the categories of “Album of the Year” and “Alternative Pop of the Year”, Augustine has found his way onto the pages of Billboard, Rolling Stone, the radio station KCRW, and influential music blogs like EARMILK and Ones To Watch. In the fall of 2023, the pop prodigy released another full-length album ”Youth And Why It Ends". It’s quite an impressive resume for a career spanning over four years. And Augustine is just getting started.



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