Noak Hellsing, the 19-years-old musical virtuoso has been surrounded by music as long as he can remember. Growing up in a musical home, he first picked up a guitar at the age of five and cites his dad as one of his biggest inspirations who was the one who introduced him to music. Short thereafter Noak started singing and added both songwriting and piano to his résumé in his early teens. With influences by the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes his soulful delivery in his music falls into a similar pop singer/songwriter style.

As a young artist Noak started writing music with the intention to be able to make his own voice heard both in melodies and lyrics and showcase himself as an artist. “The dream scenario would be to reach out to as many people as possible with my music. To have people all over the world hear a song that I wrote in my bedroom at home, that would be amazing.

With huge ambitions and plans for his upcoming career Noak doesn’t want to limit himself with his music and alongside his powerful and emotive lyrics he tries to incorporate a vast element of pop in his songs. Drawing inspiration from everyday life as well as the art of storytelling through music he focuses on subjects that matters.

With his debut single ‘Lost’ he showcases his immense vocal ability together with lyrics painted with honesty and vulnerability and describes the song as a sort of therapy session for himself. The song has a strong message that it is okay to feel lost sometimes and that it maybe can lead to better things. Elaborating on his release Noak explains: “This song really showcases me and the type of artist that I want to be. It’s a song that’s really close to my heart and that reflects the music that I want to make.

In January 2020 Noak released his follow-up single ‘Good Enough’ – a heartbreaking, powerful ballad about the feeling of not being good enough. The song was written by Noak together with Soha Akile and Philip Holmgren.
Noak’s own words about the song: “‘Good Enough’ is about the feeling that you’re never really enough for someone. That you are doing everything for that person but at the end of the day you’re not enough.

With his ability to narrate a relatable story and to put words on feelings, Noak is aiming straight for the listeners heart with ‘Good Enough’ and is getting ready to release more music soon.