Bori is the 19-year-old up and coming artist and songwriter from Gothenburg, who moved from his native country of Nigeria when he was 13. He first fell in love with music when he got his first CD by Nigerian artist Asa and most recently gained international recognition after his feature on German DJ Felix Jaehn’s multi-million streaming single “Jennie”.

With influences both from his Nigerian background with afro-beat and the modern pop that is released today, Bori does not want to restrict himself to any genres or labels. He puts more focus on building his own story and to experience the feeling of creating something that is unique. As both a songwriter and self-taught musician he has a care-free – but still dedicated attitude towards his craft and himself as a musician. His main goal is to mix his two cultural backgrounds and blend them together with his connection to the urban scene to create something completely new. “Players Ballad” is his debut single as a solo artist and demonstrates his inspiration from musicians like J. Cole and Bob Marley, all mixed together showcasing his musicality and ability to tell a story through music. “‘Players Ballad’ tells a story about someone who gets in to a lot of trouble as he made bad decisions. However, he has to pay for it in the end. It’s a story about chaos and drama and not making the best choices for yourself.”

Now Bori is more than ready to take a step into the limelight, showing the world his talent as well as kickstarting his solo-career properly. “All I want to do is to have people enjoy and feel something when they hear my music. I’ve never really been good at anything else. Music is the only thing that I’m actually good at.